My name is Andrew Marsham I am one of the proud sponsors of the phenomenal Gloves Red brand!

I am the founder and CEO of Andrew Marsham Fitness.

I am a professional strength and performance coach! I specialise in working with those looking to increase strength, speed and power and optimise athletic performance!  

Whether you are looking for that additional edge in a fight, looking for the strength and power that could help get you to the next level or just looking to build muscle, burn fat and increase your athletic performance I have you covered.

Don’t leave the outcome of your life changing fight up to chance prepare accordingly.  

If you are not a fighter who admires these athletes, then why sit on the sidelines.  Get into your own fight. Take control of your life and your circumstances, you can get in to an athletes shape starting today! Demand some excellence from yourself and make your own life changing transformation.  You can start changing your life one day, one week at a time.

Time to start burning fat, building muscle and building the confidence you know you should have.  

You are only 1 small step away from stepping into your own ring.

If you are looking to increase speed, muscle mass and power or burn fat and get into the best shape of your life the AMF is going to get you there in that 14 Week period.

I used to be a skinny, scrawny young man with zero confidence.  I resented the way I looked, the way my shirts hung off me and what looked back at me i the mirror.  

I turned it round.  And so you can you! By implementing the simple principles above with my help I guarantee you will undergo a life changing transformation.

I made so many mistakes on my journey and have learned from them all! This is the foundation that the AMF is built on.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did.  Take some action and commit to a new life.

Don’t take my word for it, head over to my social media handles to see the other lives the AMF coaching system has changed.

Most coaches sell a quick fix, I offer a new way of life. It’s time to get into athletes shape today!

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